Shepherd Mead


“Dudley, There Is No Tomorrow!”

“Then How About This Afternoon?”


It is almost impossible to describe the wild and unconventional hilarity of this novel by the author of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. With a Great Gatsby atmosphere and Goonish pace, it tells of a crumbling Long Island Railway station beside the glittering North Shore, where no train stops, or ever will again. Once the station was worthless: now (some say) it is beyond price.

Here is a wide variety of rare fauna: on the one hand a corpse, on the other a very alive ex-wife, to say nothing of two members of an entirely new species of aunt, who will not remind you of any of your relations. Finally, there is a blonde priestess of erotic balneal rites, an ex-long-distance swimming star believed to hold a valuable clue to what's going on, whatever that is.

And through it all—for just six days!—wanders Dudley, bringing with him the priceless gift of catastrophe.

DUDLEY is prime comic invention—and also a savage satirical portrait of American organization man, at home. You'll find the adventures of Dudley the funniest (and also the most serious) writing to come from one of the wisest and wittiest men, Shepherd Mead.

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Dudley There Is No Tomorrow Then How About This Afternoon
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