Shepherd Mead


’ER or, The Brassbound Beauty, The Bearded Bicyclist, and the Gold-colored Teen-age Grandfather


Who is 'ER?

What is she?

A medieval beauty whose likeness was carved on a brass burial plate back in the 14th century...

Switch to the 1960's.

The lady is still snugly interred at the bottom of what is now an English garden attached to a rented house in the sleep town of Poke-on-Thames. Along comes a schoolteacher-archaeology buff fresh out of St. Louis, Missouri, who exhumes her from a bed of dahlia corms. The discovery—a rare and valuable find—sets off a chain of events that shatters the town's perennial tranquility to its staid foundations.

Others are also caught up in this zany caper—a hustling American businessman, a slum-born pop singer on the wane, the rich, amorous queen of Poke-on-Thames' American colony, and a motley parade of juicy English locals. Everything explodes in a farcical, slapstick climax that leaves Poke-on-Thames reeling.

With funny-man Shepherd Mead calling the turns, it adds up to a hilariously good-natured spoof of all the English classes (including government bureaucrats), archaeology aficionados, expatriated Americans and anything else in the line of fire.

'ER crackles with the same sense of free-wheeling fun that made Mead's earlier book, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, a comic classic.

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'ER or The Brassbound Beauty The Bearded Bicyclist and the Gold-colored Teen-age Grandfather
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