Shepherd Mead


How to Get Rich in TV Without Really Trying


Did you know that you can be stupid, incompetent and even moderately repulsive and still make a a fortune in television? It's done every day! Did you know that you can be a cowboy star without knowing how to ride a horse? That you can earn more than the president of a network merely by knowing how to open a refrigerator door? And that you can be a famous news commentator without knowing anything but how to sound worried?

These and many more television careers await you, all described with loving detail and with case histories which we have carefully screened for libel (but not enough, since you're going to recognize a number of them).

People in television will find How to Get Rich in TV Without Really Trying very funny, since they will undoubtedly think that it refers to the other fellow and not to themselves. Others will find it a joyous, headlong romp through a dadaesque part of the American scene.

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How to Get RIch in TV Without Really Trying