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How to Succeed in Tennis Without Really Trying


You'll never learn from any tennis pro the nuggets of inside advice Shepherd Mead shares with you in this helpful and entertaining book. Mead learned most of these tips while dragging a typewriter, a family, and a tennis racquet through nine tennis clubs and a number of nations.

  1. Are you now—or are you in danger of becoming—a Tennis Untouchable? Check out the seven types of Untouchables that Mead has met in tennis clubs and see why few, if any, other tennis players ever ask them for a game.

  1. Would you like to learn the sure way of having more people eager to play with you? Better find out what Mead has to say about the difference between spoiling and stretching.

  1. Maybe you've dreamed of beating players who always seem to win more matches than you do. The Mead brand of psyching by brain-boggling is quite possibly your answer.

  1. But suppose an opponent tries to brain-boggle you. The author's bag of tricks includes ways of instant mediation that will confound the perpetrator. Mead even offers five tips how to correct your game while a match is under way, and something you'll use time and again—a magic word.

  1. How's your doubles game? Maybe it would improve if you followed Mead's advice on how to capture, tame, and train partners.

  1. Then you'll read how to train yourself, how to watch tennis (clue: don't always watch the ball), tennis fun and games, how to use tennis to further your ends, sex and club tennis, and the language of tennis.

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How to Succeed in Tennis Without Really Trying